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March's Advanced Organic Chemistry
M.B. Smith, J. March
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Model ChemLab

ChemLab Design:
Easy to use lab interface modeled on common lab procedure
Student lab notebook workspace area
Real time animated interactive simulation engine
Lab Wizard tools for easy user created lab simulations
Support for plug-in lab simulations extensions
Demostration mode, allows user to capture and replay a simulation.
Integration with RasMol molecular viewer
Integrated Periodic Table application with quiz
Available in English, Spanish and French

Lab equipment:
Beakers, Erlenmeyer and Florence flasks, test tubes, graduated cylinders, burets,eye dropper, pipets, watch glasses, filtering flask with buchner funnel, bunsen burner, hot plate / Magnetic stirrer, stirring rods, evaporation dish, calorimeter, conductivity meter, geiger counter, potentiometer, Spectrophotometer and others…
Balances: centigram, electronic and high sensitivity balance
Distillation equipment setup: distillation flask with heating mantel, distillation head, condenser and distillation take-off

Common Lab Procedures:
Titration, Decanting /pouring
Heating and hot/cold water baths
Temperature, weight, pH, conductivity, voltage and volume measurements
Plot titration curves

Large selection of pre-defined labs simulations:
Acid/base reactions, bond lab, cations reactions, electrochemistry, equilibrium, flame lab, fractional crystallization, fractional distillation, gas laws, gravimetric analysis, kinetics, nuclear chemistry, redox reactions, stoichiometry, thermal chemistry, volumetric analysis, water quality, weak acid titration and many more.. (See Current Lab List)
Additional simulations developed by third parties (see UDL Libary Exchange page)

Lab Wizards (Professional Edition):
Allow users to create customized lab simulations
Lab Wizard steps users through process of new lab creation
Single distributable file
Expandable chemical database allows users to add new chemicals to ChemLab

Lab Demonstration Mode:
Allows Professional users to capture lab simulations as they perform it and save in a demo file
Add comments and other messages to demostration file
Single distributable demo file
Playback demonstration files in both Professional and Standard editions of ChemLab

Free updates from Model Science web site:

Registered users can download updates and new Lab simulations from the Model Science web site.

Wide Range of Applications:

Ideal for distance learning, demonstrations, lab run-throughs, pre-lab work, dangerous and environmentally hazardous, expensive, or lengthy labs.

Technical Requirements:

Windows® 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000 with 8MB RAM VGA or higher
Mac OS 7.0 or greater
Mac OS X; Version 10.1.5 or greater